‘The Last of Us 2’: Accessibility features that make the game easier

After the long wait and several delays, The Last of Us 2 is finally here. Ellie’s journey is going to be rough and tough, but Naughty Dog’s magic makes the game accessible to everyone – even to those that need a helping hand when it comes to difficulty.

It’s no surprise that The Last of Us 2 is going to be a difficult game. To make sure that everyone enjoys it, Naughty Dog has added an assortment of accessibility options to make things easier. For those who are having a hard time playing the game, then some of these options might prove useful.

Lock-on aim

Shooting in a third-person game is already hard on its own, but in The Last of Us, it’s made even harder because of the weapon sway. Those who have a hard time making those shots count shouldn’t worry as the lock-on aim feature will assure that each bullet fired hits a mark.

When triggered, the reticle automatically targets the body of the enemies. Toggling the right stick will make Ellie target either the head or the feet. Once the enemy is dead, the reticle automatically moves to the next nearest target even if they are off-screen.

Skip puzzle option

Naughty Dog considered everyone when making The Last of Us 2. In this option, players can simply skip some puzzles which are proving too hard to solve. However, the option is made for those who are visually impaired.

“This setting is highly recommended for players who are blind or have low vision because some puzzle progression may not be fully accessible,” says Naughty Dog in a post.

Navigation assistance

One of the new features in the game is a large explorable world. It can be hard at times to explore the map, which makes navigation assistance a must. If triggered, players can press L3 to be directed to the general direction of the current objective. This makes it easier for players to find their way when they are lost.

Awareness indicators

Stealth plays a big part in the game, and those having a tough time getting around might need to turn this option on. When triggered, players will be able to know if the enemies are aware of her location. Partner this with the Enemies Don’t Flank option, and Ellie will be unstoppable.

The Last of Us 2 is expected to be a tough journey. If players want to enjoy the game’s story, then they might want to consider turning on these features.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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