‘The Last of Us 2’ has dozens of accessibility options for disabled players


The Last of Us 2 will go for release this coming June 19. At the same time, devs are showing off the Naughty Dog title for its accessibility options.

At the moment, The Last of Us 2  has among the highest number of accessibility options for persons with disability. It provides dozens upon dozens of controls that can give a superb experience to everyone.

The accessibility options include everything from audio cues to UI sliders.

Last of Us 2 accessibility options came from fan letter

According to the devs within Naughty Dog, Last of Us 2 is now the most accessible game by the team ever. The accessibility settings even do a complete overhaul of how the game works.

Emilia Schatz, the lead gameplay designer, and Matthew Gallant, the lead systems designer, discusses the details in length. Schatz notes of how the team eventually received inspiration on the potential accessibility options to add.

According to Schatz, the team received a letter from a fan of Uncharted 2. Through that letter, they learned that the fan does not have enough twitch skills to finish the game. Around the endpoint, the game has a button-mashing sequence that adds artificial difficulty.

This obstacle prevented the fan from ever finishing the game. The sentiment from the letter translated to adding more accessibility options for subsequent Uncharted titles.

For Last of Us 2, the team added much more, which is on a whole new level for the team.

“In Uncharted 4 our accessibility options were actually pretty sparse,” noted Schatz. “But we got a lot of community praise for it, and felt like we had a huge success with a very small amount of things that we did.”

Naughty Dog adds almost 60 granular accessibility settings

With everything in consideration, the team added around 60 accessibility options for The Last of Us 2 . The range of features go anywhere from conventional to specific.

The standard accessibility options include UI changes, changes in subtitle colors, and even remappable controls. Naughty Dog also added more robust features for people with disability, including full text to speech, high-contrast mode, and even a magnifying tool.

Among the most impressive offerings for the game is the high-contrast graphics. Designed for the visually impaired, high-contrast changes the color landscape of the game.

Everything in the game greys out, and then the game highlights enemies in red and friendly NPCs in blue. The filter is almost impossible to add to any game unless the team planned for it before development started.

The Last of Us 2  is coming to Playstation June 19. The game initially slated for a May 29 release date, but received a delay due to the pandemic.

Featured image courtesy of Sony Playstation/Youtube Screenshot


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