‘The Last of Us 2’: Bow, revolver, and the best weapons for Ellie

Like in the first game, The Last of Us 2 features a beautiful yet dangerous world to explore. Aside from her trusty knife and allies, Ellie can rely on some powerful weapons to fend for herself.

Ellie has access to her own set of weapons in The Last of Us 2She has six different weapons, and there are only limited resources that Ellie can find to upgrade her arsenal. As such, it’s best to pick upgrades carefully. Here’s what players should focus on getting first.

Bolt-action rifle

The bolt-action rifle is one of Ellie’s starting weapons, and it’s also one of the best as well. Of all of her weapons, the bolt-action rifle is the best for taking enemies from afar, so it’s a must for thinning out groups of the WLF or the Zeraphytes before charging in.

By upgrading the bolt-action rifle, Ellie can increase its ammo capacity, stability, and, most importantly, she can attach a scope to it as well.


Like in the first game, the bow is the best weapon of choice when it comes to stealth. If Ellie upgrades the bow, it can be more stable, and it can have a longer range. What’s even better about the bow is that Ellie can sometimes pick up the arrows she uses.

Pump-action shotgun

When it comes to pure damage, the pump shotgun is one of the strongest weapons in The Last of Us. Ellie can get it in Seattle pretty early so she can easily invest in the resources to have the weapon upgraded already.

The pump-action shotgun suffers from a high-spread and low ammo capacity. When upgrading, players should focus on these upgrades first.


The revolver is a stronger version of Ellie’s first weapon, and it’s perfect for taking out Clickers and other enemies. Like the pump-action shotgun, the revolver suffers from low ammo capacity. Aside from that, the revolver also takes a while to reload.

Players should focus on upgrading the weapon’s ammo capacity and stability, as this makes the weapon more efficient for taking out enemies who are charging in.

Stealth may be an option in The Last of Us 2but there will be times when combat is unavoidable. The only way to get out of these sticky situations is by using fully-upgraded weapons instead of relying on weak ones. These can greatly increase the survivability of Ellie in the game.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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