‘The Last of us 2’ completion rates go up by 60%

It’s hard to tell if The Last of Us 2 is the Game of the Year, but we can guarantee that it’s the most divisive. Despite the challenges, more players are going through with the game and are reaching the end credits as well.

Since launching last June, The Last of Us 2 instantly became the most divisive game of 2020 – possibly of all time. While the visuals, performance, and features were a marvel, Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece offended a lot of fans of the original with its story.

For a while, it was apparent that the game had trouble getting fans hooked till the end. This can be seen through the PlayStation trophy tied to beating the game. The good news is that more players are now getting through with the game.

Completion rates up

As per reports, the completion rate for the game is up by 60%. The information comes from the fact that the trophy tied to completing the game is now getting better acquire rates on the PlayStation Trophies system. Initially, not a lot of players got through with the game.

Fans have commented that the game was amazing, but they had their qualms about the way Naughty Dog handled the story. Most particularly, they didn’t like what happened to Joel and how Abby was put in the spotlight. It’s likely that most of the players stopped playing the game after having to control Abby. This is mid-way through the game.

Right on time?

This development for The Last of Us 2 might come just on time. Since release, there have been strong rumors that Naughty Dog is preparing a multiplayer component for the game. There are also rumors that they are working on story DLCs for the title too.

If this is indeed the case, then fans may have been trying to finish the game before it expands with new content.  There are rumors that there will be story content for Abby and Tommy, but of course, fans should take this with a grain of salt and wait for Naughty Dog’s announcement itself. That reveal will certainly come as a surprise.

There’s no doubting that The Last of Us 2 is far from done as Naughty Dog might be readying more than just a multiplayer component. At least if the developer does release more content, a lot of players will already be done with the game at that point.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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