‘The Last of Us 2’: Difficulty settings to make the game harder

The Last of Us 2 is by no means a game with Souls-like difficulty but the game is hard in its own right. Thanks to the game’s various accessibility and difficulty settings, players can make the experience a lot more challenging.

Naughty Dog’s most recent magnum opus may be controversial but there’s no denying that it will go down as one of the most accessible games in history.

The game’s various settings for accessibility and difficulty allow even those physically disabled to enjoy the game. Of course, those looking for a challenge can also tweak the settings to their ‘disadvantage.’ Here are a few ways to spice things up in the game.

Turn on Survivor Mode

Of course, the most basic way to make the game more difficult is by simply turning on Survivor Mode. Once this mode is turned on, enemies deal double damage, flashing indicators will be turned off, and hints will not be available as well.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this is that Listening Mode will be disabled as well. This means Ellie and Abby won’t be able to pinpoint the location of their enemies unless they actually see them.

The HUD will also be disabled here. This means players won’t be able to see their health bar, items, and more. They have to rely on their knowledge of the game to know whether or not they need to heal.

Tweak enemies

In The Last of Us 2, players can tweak how enemies react in the game. If players want a completely difficult challenge, they should try changing the way enemies act as a group. It’s possible to make the AI tougher in the game.

This means they’ll gang up on the players in a more strategic way. This also means hiding in the tall grass and underneath cars aren’t always viable.

Tweak stealth

Taking the stealth route is the best way to take out enemies without taking damage. Players can tweak the game’s stealth mechanics to make it harder to sneak around. Some of the sliders let enemies detect players easier. It also makes it harder for players to initiate a grab and a stealth kill.

The Last of Us 2 is already tough on its regular difficulty setting. Those who are up for a memorable and challenging experience, then the settings above can certainly change the way players go through the game. Not only that, these settings further ramp up the game’s immersiveness as well.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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