‘The Last of Us 2’ DLC: What fans want

The Last of Us 2 may be the best-reviewed game by critics this 2020, but it seems like the fans aren’t happy with the game and its story. Will a The Last of Us 2 DLC content remedy the controversy surrounding the game?

In a recent interview, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann confirmed that fans shouldn’t be expecting any The Last of Us 2 DLC as this isn’t in the works yet. However, considering how The Last of Us: Left Behind is easily one of the best DLCs in recent memory, Naughty Dog might eventually release some more content in the game. Here’s what fans want to see just in case.

Multiplayer DLC

The Factions multiplayer content of The Last of Us was critically acclaimed. So much so that fans asked Naughty Dog if such a multiplayer mode would be added to the sequel eventually. In an earlier interview about Naughty Dog already expressed their plans for the game’s multiplayer content.

They confirmed that The Last of Us 2 wouldn’t have Factions at launch. However, it did say that a multiplayer component was being worked on, and players will have access to it in some way, shape, or form eventually. Hopefully, we get this multiplayer expansion as a free DLC in the future.

Abby’s fate

The sequel ended openly, with Abby being let go by Ellie during their last confrontation. We see Abby use a boat to find what could be the last of the Fireflies. However, both the WLF and the Seraphites are on her trail. It would be great to have a The Last of Us 2 DLC that fully reveals Abby’s fate.

Abby’s ending leaves up a lot of potential for a sequel, but still, fans hope that her story will be resolved in an ending real soon.

More Tommy

Tommy has been around in the first game, and before meeting his demise in the sequel, he had a lot of things to do. It would be great to be given the chance to play as Tommy’s brother as he hunts down Abby and her friends. Fans even want to see some DLC from Tommy and Joel’s early days during the apocalypse.

The Last of Us 2 DLC isn’t out of the question just yet. Considering how big a hit the sequel is, Naughty Dog might reconsider their plans and decide to develop future content despite their statements regarding DLC.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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