‘The Last of Us 2: Everything about the story so far

In just over a week, Naughty Dog will finally launch the highly anticipated The Last of Us 2. Aside from amazing visuals and graphics, the series is known for its riveting story and characters.

Playing straight to The Last of Us 2 may not be recommended as it is a direct sequel of the first game. However, players can still go head into Ellie’s story if they want to. For those that have forgotten the events of the first game or for those that want to go straight to the sequel, we’ve got a run-down on the story in the game so far.

The beginning of the outbreak

The story begins on a sad note as Joel, the main protagonist of The Last of Us, losses his daughter after they were both shot at by a soldier. Years later, Joel lives his life as a smuggler of illegal goods within quarantine areas.

The outbreak itself is caused by the Cordyceps Virus, which turns the victim into a mindless monster. The virus evolves when inside the victim, and at the later stages of the infection, they turn into more horrific monstrosities.

Humanity’s last hope

While out on a revenge mission, Joel and his partner Tess cross paths with Marlene. She has the weapons that Joel and Tess are looking for, but as the leader of a rebel group called The Fireflies, Marlene refused to simply give the weapons away.

Instead, she promised to return Joel and Tess’s weapons and more if they are able to smuggle a child named Ellie into the hands of The Fireflies.

It was later revealed that Ellie is immune to the virus, and she’s humanity’s last shot at hope. She also serves as the main protagonist in The Last of Us 2.

Before the sequel

Throughout the first game, Joel and Ellie undergo losses, challenges, and triumphs. Most importantly, their trip across the US allowed them to develop a father-daughter bond.

After a year-long journey, Joel and Ellie find The Fireflies in a hospital in Utah. Joel was later told that to find the cure, Ellie’s brain must be dissected, and this will result in her death. Joel decides that it wasn’t worth it, and she saves Ellie from the doctors while killing members of The Fireflies, including Marlene, along the way.

When Ellie wakes up from the anesthetics, she asks Joel what happened to which he responded that the doctors lost hope in finding a cure. Ellie had her doubts about Joel’s answer, and she asks whether it was true. Joel lies once again, refusing to tell her what actually happened.

These are the important plot points that players should know before jumping into The Last of Us 2Of course, it’s still better to experience the prequel firsthand.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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