‘The Last of Us 2’ fan finds new detail about Nora

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 came last year, but fans are still finding lots of new, hidden meaning while going through its campaign.

Recently, one fan discovered Abby and Nora’s conversation in The Last of Us 2. And it seems to provide solid details about the fate of the latter.

‘The Last of Us 2’ fan has a new observation!

The blockbuster sequel from 2020 has impacted many franchise lovers in different ways because it keeps a parallel between Ellie and Abby, who was also introduced in the installment.

Their paths always keep crossing with each other during the entire gameplay of The Last of Us 2. And eventually, they come head to head in a brutal encounter as well.

However, the sequel also has several other key characters related to the two females. One of them is Nora Harris, a friend of Abby.

If you have played the game, then you must be knowing about her already.

Nora is the one whom Ellie threatens to kill to know the location of Abby.

Ellie brutally beats down Nora with a pipe when the latter tries to justify Abby’s actions.

But that’s not the information we are trying to tell you. The main detail has recently surfaced, thanks to a fan who discovered a hidden meaning related to Nora’s final fate in TLOU2.

A user named rexwrecksautomobiles thinks that Abby’s change in her phrase later in the game might hint at Nora’s painful death.

When she gets separated from Nora, Abby says, “And may my death be swift.”

Previously, she used to say, “May your death be swift” for Nora.

What does that mean?

According to the fan, it may imply that Nora must have died mercilessly. It also means that Abby may have cursed her to have a gradual, torturous death.

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Coming back to The Last of Us 2, again, it’s now available for PlayStation 4.


Image courtesy of thelastofusgame/YouTube

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