‘The Last of Us 2’: Flamethrower, shotgun, and other great weapons for Abby

Abby may be more physically capable than Ellie, but that doesn’t mean she no longer needs guns. Her arsenal of weapons in The Last of Us 2 requires a lot of attention as well.

Abby’s set of weapons in The Last of Us 2 is different from Ellie’s. If players want to get through the trial and tribulations of Abby, then it’s a must that they upgrade the right weapons with the game’s limited resources. Here are the best weapons, in our opinion.


The flamethrower is one of the best weapons in the first game, and it’s one of the best in the game as well. Sadly, the flamethrower has been nerfed, and it cannot be upgraded. It’s still a highly damaging weapon, though.

The flamethrower can take out the infected easily, and it can stop even some shamblers in their tracks. The infected are susceptible to fire, so it’s a must to have the flamethrower fully upgraded early.

Semi-auto rifle

The semi-auto rifle is one of Abby’s default weapons, and the good thing is that it’s one of the best as well. The semi-auto rifle suffers from instability, however, so it’s a must to have the weapon upgraded.

The Last of Us 2 players should first focus on getting the burst fire upgrade first. This allows players to take more controlled shots when taking out enemies.

Double-barrel shotgun

Shotguns are the best friends of Ellie and Abby, as these can take out enemies in one shot pretty quickly. For Abby, she has a double-barrel shotgun, which is very powerful in terms of damage. It might even be the most powerful weapon in The Last of Us 2.

All of the upgrades to the shotgun are important, but players should focus on damage and reload speed first as these can make the weapon useful for all situations.

Hunting pistol

Abby’s secondary weapon is a great choice for taking out enemies from afar. Aside from having tremendous damage, the hunting pistol can also be outfitted with a 4x scope, which makes it even more lethal. Players can also increase the weapon’s damage, making it capable of taking out Clickers with one shot to the head.

The Last of Us 2 features a few weapons only, but each is valuable for the survival of Ellie and Abby. If players want to have better survivability in the game, it’s a must that they allocate their scraps to the best weapons available.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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