‘The Last of Us 2’: Gameplay secrets the game doesn’t tell players

One of the fascinating things about The Last of Us 2 is the tiny details that Naughty Dog left for the players to discover. However, it seems like the developers did a little too good in hiding these secrets.

Up until now, players are discovering new gameplay elements in The Last of Us 2. What’s even better is that these secrets make the game a lot easier if players use them. Here are the most useful discoveries so far.

Aerial kills

Stealth kills allow Abby and Ellie to take out an entire group without taking damage. These are taught from the get-go, but what the game doesn’t tell players is that aerial kills are allowed in the game. If Ellie gets on top of a high place and lunge at an unsuspecting enemy, she can take them out in an Assassin’s Creed manner of an aerial kill.

While the aerial kills in the game aren’t as flashy as those in Sekiro, they are still pretty brutal.

Opening safes

There are lots of safes that players can find in the game, and these are filled with lots of goodies. The good thing is that the safe combinations can be found somewhere near where the safe is, but it is not exactly just waiting to be discovered. If players find a tough time finding a safe code, they can listen in while they are dialing numbers on a safe. If they hear a click, that means that the digit they pick is right.

Enemies as body shields

If players stealthily walk up to an enemy, they can grab them and hold them from behind. From there, they can either shiv the enemy for a quick kill or stealth kill them. If players get discovered while holding an enemy, they can use the target as a body shield instead.

Players can also take a shot at others while they are holding someone. Alternatively, players can also use enemies as a shield for Clicker attacks, which are always one hit. Keep in mind though that the grab time isn’t infinite as the enemy will eventually break free.

These The Last of Us 2 gameplay tips will make things easier for both Ellie and Abby. There might be more gameplay secrets we’ve yet to discover, so it would be best to experiment little the next time players get their hands on the game.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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