‘The Last of Us 2’: Game’s darker alternate ending explained

The Last of Us 2 will go down as one of 2020’s most divisive titles. While the gameplay was great, the game’s story elements and decisions by the developers split the community in half.

The Last of Us 2 ended on a somewhat vague note. Ellie lets Abby go, thus making players disappointed as Joel’s death wasn’t put to justice. Once Ellie gets home, she finds her house and farm abandoned. Although it wasn’t revealed, it’s hinted that Dina and JJ went back to Jackson, possibly leaving Ellie behind for good.

Players were free to interpret the ending whichever way they want to. However, Haley Gross and Neil Druckmann reveals that there is another ending that leaves a lot less to be imagined.

An ending darker than the real one

According to Haley, the real ending was that Ellie would push through with her revenge and kill Abby. In the original, Ellie had a flashback during her fight with Abby. In it, she recalls her last interaction with Joel, which shows her considering forgiving him for what he did in Salt Lake City.

When Ellie decided to let Abby and her revenge quest go, it signified a lot of things. For starters, it showed that Abby still had good in her. It also showed that a part of her – a part that Joel influenced, is still alive.

If they want the darker ending, the game would’ve felt bleaker. Players might even see it as a confirmation that Dina will no longer take Ellie back. At least with the new ending, Ellie’s change of heart could make Dina feel better.

The ending with the community

Overall, the community felt okay with the way the game ended. What they hated was what happened to Joel. A month after the game released, and fans still have their qualms about the direction of the story.

As per Neil Druckmann, the game will be divisive, and indeed it was. The backlash went as far as some players even started a petition to remake the game entirely. Of course, the game is already set in stone.

The Last of Us 2 is one of this year’s game of the year candidates. The game may have gotten scathing reviews from the community, but the fact remains that it is one of this year’s best-reviewed titles to date.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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