‘The Last of Us 2’ multiplayer confirmed to be coming soon

The Last of Us Day was a success, and Naughty Dog revealed a lot about the series. Perhaps the biggest announcement was a multiplayer mode for The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2 was an amazing game, and it gave the prequel justice. However, fans are still looking for more content for the game. More particularly, they want the same Factions MP experience that was present in the first game. During the recent The Last of Us Day, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann had a few hints about the game’s multiplayer content.

Series creator speaks out

In a tweet, Neil Druckmann vaguely said a few things about the multiplayer content in the game. At the end of the tweet, he teases that the wait for ‘that other thing’ will be worth it. There’s nothing else that fans are expecting from the sequel so Druckmann himself may be referring to the upcoming multiplayer content of the game.

The Factions MP mode was such a big hit for fans of The Last of Us. Even when the game got re-released on the PlayStation 4, the multiplier mode was ported along with it. Naughty Dog even added some extra content to the game, which made the experience more exciting.

Why Factions MP would work

The Scars and the WLF are the two prominent factions in The Last of Us 2. Unlike the Fireflies and the Hunters from the first game, these two factions were really at war with each other. That being said, a Factions MP mode fits perfectly in the sequel.

Considering the major visual and gameplay improvements have over the sequel, a Factions MP addition would be an amazing gift to fans. It’s most likely that the multiplayer mode will come as a free addition to the game as the first Factions MP was also free.

If the mode does arrive, fans are expecting a lot of new content and gameplay modes. Of course, customization items based on the WLF and the Scars themselves will be much appreciated. While free, players should still expect some form of microtransactions for the sequel.

Fans have high expectations over the multiplayer mode for The Last of Us 2. Factions MP for the original game was a success. Fans are also looking forward to the improvements that Naughty Dog will make for the game’s upcoming new mode that will pit player against player.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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