‘The Last of Us 2’ new features makes the sequel harder than the first


The Last of Us 2 introduces new features that have significantly increased its difficulty compared to the first installment of the series.

Players who have finished the game would say that The Last of Us 2 is not an easy game. Most of the time, they are faced with challenging situations. The never-ending struggle of deciding which item and ammunition to use against multiple threats can be tough.

Though there are a lot of changes made from the first game, it didn’t surpass the increased difficulty brought by a few newer features.


Dogs are one of the deadliest new enemies added into The Last of Us 2. Unfortunately, the only way to deal with them is to kill them.

Even while sneaking quietly, dogs can pick up Ellie’s scent and lead their owners to where she’s hiding. This removes the chance for players to just stay in one spot and wait for enemies to come.

Dogs can be tricked by throwing bricks and bottles to lure them away but this isn’t always the best option. Unquestionably, the addition of dogs in the game makes it a lot harder since they tend to come in packs.


The Seraphites are one of the factions in Seattle which poses a new threat to Ellie. The main problem with them is that they communicate via whistling with each other.

Often, players can predict what enemies are planning and adjust. However, this can’t be done when players only hear whistles.

Players need to hear what the enemies are talking about toe execute a flawless killing spree. Unfortunately, this knowledge can’t be used when faced with Seraphites.

Instead, they’re stuck inside a jungle surrounded by killers who communicate unconventionally. This additional layer of difficulty may not be a bad thing but they can expect to see Ellie in a lot of death scenes.


These zombies aren’t new to players since they already appeared in the first game. Also, they were not that difficult to take down back then.

They are in the stage between morphing from a Runner into a Clicker. They still have a little bit of knowledge left and are able to utilize it when hunting their prey.

In the first game, they were only encountered twice so most players can’t even remember that they existed. However, in The Last of Us 2, players will face Stalkers a lot and will pose a dangerous threat because of their wittiness and agility.

Featured image courtesy of  JC Gonram/Shutterstock

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