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‘The Last of Us 2’ new game plus: How to unlock it and what’s different


Like most games today, The Last of Us 2 doesn’t end once the credit begins to roll. In fact, players can restart an entirely new adventure in the game’s new game plus mode, which brings in new challenges to players.

New game plus in The Last of Us 2 is available, but it’s not a fully-fledged extra playthrough, unlike other games. We say that because there’s actually not much to find in starting a new game again. Here’s everything that players should know about it.

How to unlock new game plus

It’s fairly easy to unlock new game plus in the game as all players need to do is beat the game once. Upon completing the game the first time, they’ll be invited to restart the game in new game plus mode, and they also have the option to start a new game on a higher difficulty level.

What’s new in new game plus

The traditional structure of new game plus modes in current games is that players can unlock different content and even new endings upon beating the game the second time around. However, in The Last of Us 2, players won’t be able to unlock anything new.

When starting a new game plus, players will have access to all of the weapons and upgrades that they’ve unlocked in their previous game. This means it will be relatively easier for them to go through the game unless they play on a higher difficulty level.

Players will also keep all of the documents and collectibles that they acquired during their first playthrough. If they missed out on some, they could try to find those in new game plus.

New game plus mode in the sequel functions as a way for players to go through the game to go back to some of the things they missed. One of the new features that Naughty Dog has introduced is a larger explorable area in which there are some scenes and collectibles that players might overlook the first time they play.

Alternatively, if players are only looking for specific parts in a certain area, they can try chapter select instead of playing the game through and through.

The Last of Us 2 features a lot of collectibles and scenes that can be missed. New game plus is a better way to check out these overlooked items. If players are expecting new content, however, they might be disappointed.

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