‘The Last of Us 2’ pre-order bonuses and special editions guide

After much anticipation, Naughty Dog has officially set the release date for The Last of Us 2, which will now come on June 19. Now that the game’s release is set in stone, pre-orders are up as well.

As this game is special in many ways, The Last of Us 2 will come in an assortment of Deluxe packages that should excite fans and collectors alike. Here’s a quick guide on those exciting standard and limited edition packages.

Pre-order bonuses

Pre-orders are now up for the game once again. The rewards for doing so include a free ammo capacity upgrade and crafting training manual at launch. Those who order from the PSN store will get a special avatar of Ellie’s tattoo.

Digital Deluxe/Special Edition

The Last of Us 2 Special Edition will come with the base game and the pre-order bonuses if applicable. Bonus materials include a collectible steelbook, mini artbook from Dark Horse, a dynamic PS4 theme, and six PSN avatars based on the game.

The Digital Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, will come with all of the inclusions above in digital form except for the steelbook. Additionally, it will come with a soundtrack for the game.

Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition comes with everything in the Special Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition. The main attraction of this edition is the 12-inch statue of Ellie. Moreover, it comes with a set of five stickers, a life-sized replica of Ellie’s bracelet, six enamel pins, and a lithograph art print.

Ellie Edition

This is the most extravagant package for the game, and it features quite a few exciting goodies, which is why it keeps getting sold out. It comes with everything in the Collector’s Edition, but that’s just the start.

It will also come bundled with a full-sized recreation of Ellie’s backpack, an embroidered patch, a vinyl record with music from the game, and the mini artbook from Darkhorse.

These are the special editions for the upcoming title. Players should reserve their copies as early as possible, especially for the Ellie Edition. This package sells out pretty quickly. The packages can be ordered through BestBuy, Amazon, and other retailers, but again, the stocks run out very quickly.

The Last of Us 2 is already raring to go, and we’ve got only a few months more to wait. Hopefully, there will no longer be any delays for the game, as fans are excited to get their hands on the game already.


Image used courtesy of Sony

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