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‘The Last of Us 2’ ‘remains strong’ despite leaks, pre-orders skyrocket


Naughty Dog is about to release The Last of Us 2 real soon. Concerns about the major leaks did not affect the game as much as we thought, per Sony.

Last April, a massive of The Last of Us 2 storyline reportedly leaked online. There were concerns about how this may affect the game’s sales upon official launch.

Nevertheless, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan confirms that the spoiler, although saddening, didn’t hugely affect TLOU 2. In fact, Sony recorded a high number of pre-orders for the game.

The leak must’ve piqued the interest of the many, therefore, fueling the need to order the game instead.

PlayStation CEO weighs in TLOU 2 fame

In an interview with CNET, Ryan discussed the highly anticipated PS5 launch event and further spoke about its other high-profile launches in the months to come which includes The Last of Us 2.

When asked about how the leak affected the future of TLOU 2, the CEO confirms that the “demand for the game remains strong.” Further noting that “Sony tallied more preorders in Europe for The Last of Us Part II than it did for Marvel’s Spider-Man at the same point before its launch.”

The people behind TLOU 2 are hopeful that the second installment of Naughty Dog‘s famed title will be a “defining game for this generation.”

Other TLOU 2 news

Meanwhile, fans are on the edges of their seats as they await the official release of The Last of Us 2. Both the fans and its creators are getting emotional as we near June 19.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckman expressed, “The emotional journey of the first game was this idea of, can we – through interactivity, gameplay, storytelling, music, all those things – make you feel, or come as close to feeling, the unconditional love a parent feels for their child.”

So far, the devs have been generous enough by giving its avid followers a sneak peek of the TLOU 2 gameplay and a snippet of its storyline.

The preview was enough to give the fans’ the chills and eagerness to get a hold of the game. On the other hand, Sony is commemorating this great milestone by releasing a limited edition TLOU 2 PlayStation 4 Pro bundle with Ellie’s moth and fern tattoo engraved.

With the console bundle to be released alongside the game’s launch in a few weeks from now. Boulevard Brewing Co. is chiming in on the grand event as well, with a few of the limited edition PS4 Pro bundle to be given away.

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