‘The Last of Us 2’ Trailer show how divisive next game will be

A few weeks from now and the highly anticipated The Last of Us 2 will finally release. Despite the controversies behind the game, developer Naughty Dog is steadfast in teasing fans with new pieces of information each week.

After an intense story trailer released a few days back, Naughty Dog now released a new behind the scenes look at the narrative of The Last of Us 2. The community was split when the leaks regarding the game, but despite this, Naughty Dog still believes that the game will be best enjoyed personally once it releases.

In the new behind the scenes look at the game, Naughty Dog does admit something about the game that many have already speculated before.

A community divided

In the new behind the scenes look at the game, creative director Neil Druckmann says that the main theme of the second game is the cycle of violence. Acts begetting other acts is also a core theme of the sequel. Druckmann’s statements may have also confirmed that the plot leaks from a while back were true.

The video also admits that the game will be divisive. As to what that means, it most likely points to the game’s plot, which is currently the hot topic of the gaming community. If the leaks to the game were to hold any bearing, then it may be true that the community behind The Last of Us 2 will be split.

As for now, while some fans are already excited about the next game, there are already those who are against the sequel considering what happens to the game’s story.

The years before the sequel

The sequel to the zombie classic doesn’t take place directly after the events of the first game. Instead, it takes place years after it. The new trailer reveals what happened to both Joel and Ellie in the time difference between the two titles.

According to the video, both Joel and Ellie lived relatively happy lives in a community after the events of the first game, which led to the destruction of The Fireflies. However, that peace was ruined after a violent event, which makes Ellie seek out revenge.

The Last of Us 2 releases in June solely for the PlayStation 4. Pre-orders for the game and its limited editions are now up so players can reserve their copies as early as now. Seeing as this is a highly anticipated title, it might be wise to pre-order as soon as possible.


Image used courtesy of Naughty Dog/YouTube

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