‘The Last of Us 2’ trailer showcases combat and other gameplay features

By this time next month, gamers worldwide will have their hands on The Last of Us 2. Naughty Dog has promised to provide players with a behind the scenes look at the game each week. This week’s focus is on gameplay and combat.

The Last of Us 2 is expected to be a huge improvement from the original when it comes to core gameplay mechanics and exploration. Naughty Dog recently launched a trailer that focused on showcasing what’s new, and we’ve got a rundown of everything that’s different this time around.

Making players feel more nimble

As compared to Joel, Ellie has a smaller build. Players of the original will feel the difference in Joel and Ellie’s playstyles as Naughty Dog has added some mechanics to make Ellie feel more nimble.

For starters, Ellie is capable of dodging attacks at the right moment. This makes it possible to get out of harm’s way in just the tap of a button. Naughty Dog emphasized that dodging and running away is the better option most times.

There’s also a dedicated jump button for Ellie. Aside from adding depth to exploration, the jump button can also provide Ellie with the positional advantage during intense fights.

Lastly, Ellie is capable of going prone. This allows her to crawl under cars and other low spaces to hide from enemies. Players shouldn’t feel comfortable when hiding though, as the AI is smart enough to know when to look under cars and other hiding spots to drag Ellie out.

Exploring a huge world

Naughty Dog has promised that the explorable world will be larger in The Last of Us 2. It’s so large, in fact; the players are most likely to miss out on certain areas and cutscenes as there’s just too much to explore.

Naughty Dog’s developers note that players can view certain scenes when visiting specific areas. Unlocking some scenes will feel like an achievement on its own as players could be viewing something that no other has seen before.

Crafting and upgrades get improved

Crafting remains a crucial part of survival in the game. Aside from an expanded list of recipes to craft, players will also have access to more collectible resources in the game.

As for upgrades, Naughty Dog says that it’s impossible to get all upgrades in one playthrough. That being said, the developer made sure that each upgrade feels impactful to the players.

The Last of Us 2 releases on June 19 for the PlayStation 4. Despite the controversies, Naughty Dog promises that players will still be able to enjoy the game if they get their hands on it.


Image used courtesy of Sony PlayStation/YouTube

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