‘The Last of Us 2’: Why players should watch out for dogs

The Last of Us puts players in the shoes of  Ellie and Joel as they survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other survivors. In The Last of Us 2, players might be facing off against a far more dangerous foe as compared to Clickers.

Clickers and Bloaters used to be the scariest enemies in The Last of Us. Fans are expecting new enemy types to be introduced in The Last of Us 2, and one of the most intimidating so far is the dogs. Here’s what we know about these guys in the sequel.

They’re great trackers

While humans and zombies remain to be the biggest threat in the game, dogs bring something else to the table. Dogs usually come in the company of humans. Their main task is to sniff out the players. This means players will have a harder time sneaking around if there’s a dog nearby.

It’s not yet known if there are items in-game to misdirect a dog’s sense of smell but for now, it seems like players will have to rely on careful planning to get over dogs.

Dogs don’t have to be killed

GameStop recently sent out a promotional email for The Last of Us 2, and it notes that one of the most noticeable features are dogs, which according to them, can be killed. Naughty Dog was unhappy with GameStop’s description of the feature, which prompted the team’s Arne Meyer to speak up.

Naughty Dog had no hand in making the description, and it was fully  GameStop’s choice to do so. While the game does allow players to fight and eventually kill dogs, it’s still up to the players if they want to. 

They have names

To add a level of immersiveness to the game, human and dog enemies are named. If players kill one, they’ll hear other enemies nearby cry out. By adding names to the dogs and humans, there’s an extended level of accountability and emotions on the part of the players.

Basically, players will have to worry more about the consequences of their actions this time around.

The Last of Us 2 is a dark and gritty game. The addition of dogs not only makes the game more difficult, but it also makes it feel mo realistic and grounded. It will be exciting to see how players will react to this new enemy type in the game.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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