‘The Last of Us 2’ release: Will it be worth the wait?


The multiplayer component for The Last of Us 2 is, reportedly, going to be worth the wait. Neil Druckmann has commented on Twitter asking for fans’ support.

Many Naughty Dog lovers have been expecting that the celebration of The Last Us would also bring with it a share of the long-awaited multiplayer component to The Last Us: Part II. 

The ‘Last of Us 2’ will be worth the wait

Unfortunately, the reveal of The Last Us: Part II never happened during the celebration. Instead, the studio focused on its community with a pair of new GIFs, co-play guides, a free PlayStation 4 theme, and many more. But, Neil Druckmann, sure, did comment about the project as festivities drew to a close.

On Twitter, the Naughty Dog Vice President said:

“Thank you to all the wonderful fans for an incredible #TheLastofUsDay! Your positivity and love is incredibly inspiring. Oh… and about that other thing… be patient. It’ll be worth it.”

“The Last of Us: The Board Game will be the first-ever board game set in the world of Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed and best-selling video game series, The Last of Us,” CMON said in its announcement of the tabletop game. “As long-time fans of the series, we recognize the special place these games hold in the hearts and minds of its many fans.”

Will ‘The Last of Us 2’ have an expansion?

Speculations are being discussed for the expansion of the game. Makers and producers have asked fans not to believe everything they read on the internet.

“We understand that our fans are really excited about the launch. We have been developing the multiplayer platform for ages, and now we can look forward to the date for the release,” the producers stated.

“But a lot of fans are asking for speculations that we have not made. And clearly, we have asked everyone not to believe everything they see on the internet. Our official launch team is always working, and we will update as soon as we have it in our hands,” they went on.

A new tease for fans

Aside from mentioned above, The Last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC will be going for a live sale.

The studio preview of tomorrow’s celebration ended with a tease of “a few different things up (Naughty Dog) sleeves for tomorrow’s The Last of Us Day festivities,” so make sure you keep an eye out for further statements.

Image used by JC Gonram/Shutterstock

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