The ‘Last of Us Part 2’ Digital Edition now available for pre-loading

Players who pre-ordered The Last of Us Part 2 Digital Edition on the PlayStation Store can now install the game in their consoles.

Excitement is building up among The Last of Us fans since the sequel is only a week from its release. Luckily, players who pre-ordered The Last of Us Part 2 Digital Edition can now preload the game into their consoles.

File size

As games become better, their file sizes also get bigger. For example, Final Fantasy 7 Remake received fans’ outcry for weighing at 100GB. Fortunately, The Last of Us Part 2 will not be as large as other famous games.

However, it will still take some time to download if the internet connection is slow. Preloading the game will allow those who have poor internet connection to download the game ahead of its release.

A few days ago, PlayStation users received a notification that the release for the game’s preload will be on June 12, 2020.

The game will be on downloaded as version 1.02 and will take 78.52GB of storage space. However, players who have installed the preloaded game will still have to wait until the game’s release date to play it.

Early Preload

Fans on Twitter were surprised that the game was already available for preloading a week before its release. It is necessary to point out previous famous games such as Spiderman had their preloading available only three days before its release.

However, two significant factors may have caused the early preloading of The Last of Us Part 2. First, the game’s file size is bigger than most ordinary games.

Second, the global pandemic is making it hard to obtain physical copies of games. The developers delayed the release of The Last of Us Part 2 because of logistics problems.

Remarkable efforts

The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to do a simultaneous worldwide release because of the lockdowns in major cities.

Even if preloading doesn’t help much in these problems, it is a great advantage for fans that have no other options but to stay inside their homes.

In general, both players and fans should be excited for The Last of Us Part 2’s launch next week. Even if there are issues about the game’s disruptive theme, it is unquestionable that Sony and Naughty Dog have given a lot of time in ensuring of better gaming experience.

Thanks to their remarkable effort, The Last of Us Part 2 Digital Edition can now be preloaded, making it accessible during these difficult times.

Featured image courtesy of GameNews PlayStation/Youtube Screenshot

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