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The latest ‘Call of Duty’ update is causing major controller problems


Controller issues such as faulty aim assist and input delay have been haunting players since the last Call of Duty update.

In an effort to improve the game, developers have released another Call of Duty update. However, fans discovered that the update is causing a lot of problems with the game right now.

Given that the majority of Call of Duty players are playing on consoles, any controller issues will always be a big problem.

While the developers still haven’t addressed the issue, players have convincing proofs that the latest updated affected controller aim assists and input delay problems.

Multiple controller issues

In a lengthy Reddit post, user SpiritualBiskit explained how bad the issues caused by the Call of Duty update. He pointed out that the input delay has gradually worsened through each of the game’s updates.

For those who don’t know, input delay refers to the time it takes for the game to process a player’s controller input. Too much input delay can be frustrating since winning these games heavily rely in quick reaction times.

According to the Reddit post, the player experiences 300ms to 400ms input delays. He blames the problem on the game’s unrefined patches.

Long-time problem

The game seemed to have multiple issues since the first season ended. All the Call of Duty updates after the season had problems and issues.

The Reddit post was posted last May 16 but took a nasty turn when the gaming community started complaining about the same controller issues.

Unhappy players

The revelation has caused great concern in the Call of Duty gaming community. Even pro players are questioning why they are having a hard time aiming in the game.

One pro player even shared a video of his game on Twitter showing that the new Call of Duty update messed up his controls. The video, captured via PlayStation4, show that his controller’s vertical aiming is more dominant compared to his horizontal assist.

The comments prove that most players have been affected and that the aiming problem has increased tenfold since the release of the Call of Duty update. These problems surely need to get fixed as soon as possible since millions of Call of Duty players are depending mostly via their controllers.

It seems Modern Warfare is not the only one having problems. Recently, Warzone players are complaining about major problems such as glitches and hackers. The developers need to polish each Call of Duty update to retain their huge fan base.

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