‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ TV series: Netflix wants legal drama after CBS cancellation

The Lincoln Lawyer

The TV series adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer might see the light of day on Netflix after CBS decided to drop the show.

Based on the book from Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer was supposed to become a series on CBS following the 2011 movie starring Matthew McConaughey. The show was also going to center on the character of Mickey Haller nine years after the events of the film. He’s known as the Lincoln Lawyer because his law office is at the back of his car, a Lincoln.

However, CBS announced over the summer that it will not proceed with the show’s development despite a prepared production. But Netflix expressed interest in taking the show under its wings, according to reports.

In taking the series, however, Netflix might usher changes as it cuts a deal. This might mean that those previously attached to the project with CBS would no longer be part of the Netflix production.


Who’s behind the show?

According to Deadline, CBS ordered the development of The Lincoln Lawyer in May 2019 from Emmy-winning writer and producer David E. Kelley. A+E Studios and CBS TV Studio were the producing partners with Ted Humphrey and Adam Bernstein, also working behind the scenes as the writer and director, respectively.

The Lincoln Lawyer rounded up its cast members as well with Logan Marshall-Green playing McConaughey’s role for the TV version. The actor was in films like Prometheus and Spider-Man: Homecoming. He was also in the Netflix series When They See Us.

Fans often confuse Marshall-Green for Tom Hardy because they look alike.


Also reportedly cast for the show were Angus Sampson, Kiele Sanchez and Jazz Raycole. However, sources aren’t sure if Netflix will keep the same actors.

The cast and crew were supposed to begin filming last spring but the coronavirus lockdown happened. Back at the writers’ room, two scrips were done before CBS pulled the plug even before things rolled out.

Amazon Prime was first

After CBS sidelined the show, The Hollywood Reporter stated that Amazon Prime took an interest. The streamer had another Michael Connelly IP in their line-up with Bosch, opening a potential crossover between two shows.

However, Bosch will start its seventh and final season at the end of 2020. By the time the new show debuts, it will be off the air. Netflix, however, has not commented on the reports that it snapped up The Lincoln Lawyer so anything may still happen with the negotiations.


Image courtesy of Lionsgate/YouTube

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