‘The Mandalorian 2’: Baby Yoda will become the strongest Jedi!

The Mandalorian 2 has revealed a lot so far, especially when it comes to beloved Baby Yoda. Will it also make the “Child” the strongest Jedi ever?

According to Comicbook, it seems like the answer is a big yes! And Chapter 12, The Siege, clearly dropped the upcoming surprise that will shock everyone. And eventually, Baby Yoda will become the strongest Jedi ever to wield the Force in the coming future.

A slight spoiler warning before going forward. It’s for those who haven’t watched the fourth episode of Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian‘s second season.

The journey of Baby Yoda in “The Mandalorian”

The recent episode showed the hidden genetic experimentation plans of Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) when Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) goes on the last remaining Imperial lab on Nevarro. Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) and Cara Dune (Gina Carano), and Mythrol also accompany him on the mission. They go there to destroy the lab so that Karga and Dune can turn the planet into a trade stronghold on Outer Rim.

However, upon entering the lab, they all discover its running cloning and various other experiments for a long time. Finally, they also see a message sent to Moff Gideon that hints towards a coming threat. Mando also learns that Gideon is still alive.

The holographic visual message of Doctor Pershing reveals that their test was forced to stop momentarily. Because he couldn’t get the subject’s blood, that is, the Child, aka Baby Yoda.

So this revelation now raises many questions as well. Like why would Gideon and his entire team go after a small Jedi child? Because if they need the blood, they can take it from some other grown-up Jedi as well, right?

What does this mean?

It clearly means that Baby Yoda is no ordinary Child having the Force. It may be the case that he’s actually even more powerful than any other member of his species so far! And that can be the sole reason why the Empire’s army is after him for doing a big experiment.

New seasons to expand the universe

Although it’s been the midway of the second installment, we already know so much about the show. And the remaining chapters will only raise the bar even further. Like the debut last year, the Jon Favreau show is entertaining the viewers this time.

And when it comes to Baby Yoda, everyone seems quite interested in his future journey in the upcoming seasons. Fans want to see him more, and it’s been proven a lot of time, thanks to social media. The Child has huge popularity.

The next episode of The Mandalorian 2 will arrive on Nov. 27, 2021, on Disney Plus.


Image courtesy of Star Wars Theory/YouTube Screenshot

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