‘The Mandalorian 2’ Chapter 13 hints at new ‘Star Wars’ characters

The latest episode five or Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian 2 has revealed many new Star Wars stuff. And fans are hyped over the surprise!

According to IGN, Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian 2 just came out on Disney Plus. And it’s given the fans what they wanted to see. Yes, the episode revealed the live-action character of Ahsoka Tano! She was seen in the Star Wars Rebels series before this.

Moreover, one single line of Ahsoka Tano also teased three new and major characters. And they will be seen soon in the Star Wars series.

For those who haven’t watched Chapter 13 yet, there are spoilers ahead. So read at your own risk. Or putting it in Kuiil’s words: “I have spoken.”

“The Mandalorian 2” is teasing more “Star Wars” characters

In the latest episode, Ahsoka Tano, played by actress Rosario Dawson, speaks a single line.

The question “Where is Grand Admiral Thrawn?” has made everyone across the social media hyped. Especially the fans of Star Wars universe, who can’t wait to witness some key characters in the future of the Mandalorian show.

For those unaware, Admiral Thrawn was a red-eyed powerful commander of the Empire. The ruthless leader was a male Chiss, having an angular face and blue skin. However, the interesting thing is that it’s not Thrawn who’s the subject of fans’ curiosity. It’s Ezra Bridger who’s been talked about since the premiere of Chapter 13.

Ezra was last seen with Admiral Thrawn himself. Thus, there’s a future possibility of the appearance of this ex-Padawan. On top of it, actor Rahul Kohli (from iZombie and Haunting of Bly Manor) recently teased on Twitter that he could play Ezra!

As of now, there’s no clear picture over these speculations and constant imaginations over the future of Ezra. But it will keep trending for the time being, which is certain.

Lastly, a third character, Sabine Wren, is also expected to show up in Mandalorian‘s next seasons soon. She happens to be Din Djarin and Ezra’s best friend.

The second season is a hit on Disney Plus

Meanwhile, the latest season of the blockbuster Star Wars show is once again turning into a big hit. Viewers are constantly talking about either Baby Yoda or Din Djarin. And more than that, new characters and their amazing moments are also becoming a treat to watch. Examples include the Frog Lady and Bo-Katan.

Creator Jon Favreau must be feeling more than happy right now.

It will be exciting to see what happens next in the upcoming Chapter 14 of Mandalorian 2. Till then, keep enjoying the cuteness of Baby Yoda!


Image courtesy of ONE Media/YouTube Screenshot

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