‘The Medium’ ESRB ratings show the game likely coming to the PS5


Adventure horror title The Medium has recently received its rating for the Playstation 5, foretelling that the game is likely to come out for the console.

The Medium has been a timed-exclusive for both the Xbox Series X|S and the PC, but no more soon. The game now has a PS5 rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). This implies that the game is coming for Sony’s console in due time.

Medium may come as early as July

Bloober Team’s The Medium came out early this year, offering unique dual-reality horror gameplay. The game follows Marianne, a medium that can travel into the spirit world. Players would need to solve puzzles from both worlds and fight hostile forces.


Timed-exclusives for the Xbox last around six months. As the game came out early this year, Playstation users can get the game as early as July. For now, the ESRB rating offers what little information fans can expect.

The PS5 ESRB rating clocked at M for Mature 17+, landing it there for blood, strong language, and violence. These are similar to its ESRB ratings for the Xbox too.

“This is an adventure horror game in which players assume the role of a medium investigating an abandoned communist resort in Poland,” says the rating summary. “As players explore dilapidated buildings, they can transition to a spiritual, hellish realm to help solve puzzles and interact with characters.”

“Some interactions unlock sequences that depict instances of violence: a character shooting a girl (off-screen); a character beating and choking a bound man from a first-person view; a man being pummeled by another character.

“Some areas depict large blood stains on the walls and floors; one sequence depicts a bathtub full of blood. The words “f**k” and “sh*t” are heard in the game.”

Bloober Team turned profit after a few days

The Medium itself is quite a great title that works beautifully as a psychological horror. It works as a return to form for the genre, offering true horrors akin to those from Silent Hill’s time.

Even then, the game received quite a number of mixed reviews from both players and reviewers alike. The title still turned a profit only a few days after release with its initial sales.

While Bloober Team has not released any sales numbers, it should be quite a success. The game coming to the Playstation is mere speculation, but fans should expect it at some point soon.

More news about The Medium should come in the weeks to come.

Images courtesy of Bloober Team/Youtube Screenshot, ESRB/Official PR

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