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The ‘Minecraft’ Nether update arrives with the biggest changes


The Minecraft Nether update finally arrived, and it comes with the biggest changes. The gold will definitely be players’ best friend on this new game patch.

Patch update 1.16 or the Minecraft Nether update brings in big changes that’ll excite the players. Mojang is making sure the update will reach across all gaming platforms.

Media outlets report that the update first came on the Java version. The Bedrock Edition platforms received the Nether update hours after.

Mini-biomes arrival in Minecraft‘s fiery underworld

Nether got an upgrade with the rise of mini-biomes. Players will see four different kinds of biomes, which are: Crimson forest, Warped forest, Soulsand Valleys, and Basalt Deltas.

Meanwhile, the old Nether biome wasn’t fully taken out of the gameplay, but instead was transformed into something that is now called, the “Nether Waste” biome.

Aside from the biomes, there are two other structures made available, which are the Bastion Remnants and the Ruined Portal.

In Bastion Remnants, players will find lots of loots and even make it their home, so long as they beat the original tenants—the Piglins.

The Ruined Portal, on the other hand, can be found in “any Overworld or Nether biome.” This is actually a reference to the Nether portals.

Added mobs in Minecraft Nether update

Furthermore, the update adds a handful of new mobs, which are:

  • Piglins – they are said to be the new ruler of the Nether, which explains why they care so much about gold. Should players encounter this type of mobs, popping out gold will not only earn them a retreat but also bartered items, which most likely will be a Netherlite—a new material that can forge a strong armor.
  • Zombified Piglins – These are just the new zombie Piglins
  • Hoglins – The name actually originated from players’ suggestions. These creatures are aggressive and dangerous. Defeating one will earn players rewards such as pork chops and leather.
  • Zoglins – Similar to the Zombified Piglins, Zoglins are zombie Hoglins
  • Strider – This is the only harmless mob. It is dubbed as the horse of Nether. Players can use it as a ride—just by strapping a saddle on it.

New adventure mode

Moreover, Minecraft Nether update also adds a new mode of adventure called “Way of the Nether.” Although, according to Mojang, this is just available for the “Bedrock-powered platforms.”

The mode synopsis reads:

A dimensional rift has appeared in Poppy Isle and the mayor has gone missing. It falls on you to venture into the Nether, figure out what happened, and save the mayor!

Players will just need to head on to the Minecraft Marketplace and look for “Way of the Nether” and click on “Get this item.”

Of course, there are the small but relevant details, such as the addition of the new music and over 300 bug fixes.

Featured image courtesy of Minecraft

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