‘The Morning Show’ season 2: Jennifer Aniston explains script rewrites


The Morning Show creator Kerry Ehrin had prepared outlines for season 2, but the writers did a much-needed rewrite of the scripts during the COVID-19 lockdown. Jennifer Aniston explained that they felt something was missing from the stories for the upcoming season.

Aniston is one of the producers of the Apple TV+ drama, which has recently scored Emmy acting nominations. The actress, who plays popular morning show host Alex Levy, said that Ehrin went back to the “drawing board” and to redo the storylines and chart the shift of The Morning Show season 2.

“We had a good six or maybe seven outlines already done, and we were in the middle of shooting [episodes] one and two,” Aniston said in a Deadline interview. “And then there was just this feeling, and I couldn’t put my finger on it,” she added. “And then the COVID crisis happened.”

Aniston confirmed reports that The Morning Show season 2 will tackle the pandemic.

“I believe what we all have taken away from these months in quarantine, and the state of the world as it exists right now, is a lot of contemplation, and a lot of excavation, and a lot of inward work,” the actress said. “If there’s a silver lining of COVID, it is the level of awareness that I think has been taking place with people.”

Return to the set

Originally set for a late 2020 release, the delays continue due to the COVID-19 restrictions. In June, Aniston’s co-star, Reese Witherspoon (Bradley Jackson), said that they have not yet returned to the set.

The Morning Show season 2 was filming for nearly four weeks before the shutdown orders as the coronavirus progressed. Witherspoon, who is also the producer, indicated that the call to return to the set is not up to them.

“We are going to get back as soon as people are going to let us back to work,” the actress said.

Apple TV+ has not yet set filming resumptions for most of its current slate, especially since this show’s set is in Los Angeles. Containment of the widespread virus outbreak in the city remains a priority for the government; thus, movie and TV sets are still closed.

What to expect

Meanwhile, co-star Billy Crudup (Cory Ellison) hinted that the upcoming storylines would likely also cover institutional changes and reformation. He said that what is happening in real life in the past few months is an opportunity for the show to explore because these stories are “ripe and necessary.”

It sounds like The Morning Show season 2 will tackle a few political aspects of what’s going on in the U.S. Aniston said that since a lot of things are “getting exposed,” their head writer is trying to incorporate these in the storylines.

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