The new classes in ‘Bravely Default 2’ explained

Like its prequels, Bravely Default 2 will have numerous classes that players can access in the game. Just recently, Nintendo just showed us four new classes that are new to the series and seem to have unique mechanics.

The recent trailer for Bravely Default 2 not only showed us the February release date of the game, but it also showed some of the new jobs coming to the game. Fans of the previous games should be excited about these new jobs as they are very unique. Here are the four new classes and the Asterisk Holders that players need to beat to get them.


To get the Vanguard class, players will have to beat Dag. Based on what we know, the Vanguard class can serve as the tank of the party. They can provoke enemies into attacking them, and they can also absorb damage intended for other party members. Players are expecting their damaging capabilities to be less than other classes.


The Bard Asterisk will be held by Orpheus. The Bard class is fairly common in the Final Fantasy series to which Bravely Default 2 and its prequels draw inspiration from. This class is mainly responsible for supplying the team with powerful buffs to aid in combat. Moreover, they can also cast debuffs on enemies as well.


Another unique class coming to the game is the Beastmaster, which will be held by Anihal. The Beastmaster class might be capable of taming some of the monsters that players will face in the game. These monsters can then be summoned in battle as an additional ally.


To get the Gambler Asterisk, players will have to beat Shirley. As expected, the Gambler class will be about taking risks through luck-based abilities. Players can be rewarded with really useful spells or damaging attacks through these abilities. On the other hand, they can take damage instead if their luck is bad.

We’ve yet to know exactly how many classes there will be in the game. Based on what we’ve seen so far, there will be quite a few unique classes to choose from.

We’ve yet to know how many classes there will be in Bravely Default 2From the look of things, the developers are going to bring in the most number of classes that in Bravely Default and Bravely Second. Hopefully, we get to see more of these classes in the future.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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