The new iOS version is coming this fall

Even with the COVID-19 and lockdown situation right now, technology still progresses. One big example is the update for the iOS named iOS 14. What would this upgrade offer?

It is great to know that Apple’s developers continued to work on the upgrade amidst the pandemic. People will get a preview of iOS 14 this June. They wouldn’t only launch iOS 14 but iPadOS 14 as well. Along with the excitement are some expectations for the software.

iOS 14 expectations

These expectations include a backward compatibility feature with iOS 13-enabled devices. People always have issues with new operating system versions because of app glitches. Yet, they have to understand that with any new product, issues may arise. Sure, they have countermeasures for these issues, but not all might work.

Fitness enthusiasts rejoice! The new iOS will feature a fitness app for those exercise buffs out there. It should track jogging steps, heart rate, and so on. What other things will this app have that others don’t? It is still unclear at this point.

Ever had the issue with faulty messages? Wanted to have more message options? Well, iOS 14 offers new features for its messaging app. More fonts, colors, emojis? Integration with other messaging apps? The preview on June holds the answers.

As with all upgrades, the system will have extra enhancements on the system’s performance. It should make apps easier to run minus all the glitches. All these are great expectations for the OS. The question is, will it deliver?

iOS 14 information

Apple’s developers learned from their experiences with iOS 13. Because of this, they aimed to make iOS 14 as bug-free as possible. They addressed the causes of headaches in iOS 13 and added new features. These features are still in the development stage.

Testers of the new system can now turn off buggy features. It would enable them to focus on specific features. Once fixed, they can move on to the other one. That way, they won’t feel overwhelmed with the issues at hand.

It would mean that not all features might come with the system’s launch. Apple tends to release a lot of updates for their system. 

These updates have fixes for the existing issues. It will also include tweaks for any issues that might arise while using the system.

More features and improvements will come with the implementation of the new system. Will the new system serve as the Holy Grail for Apple users? They have suffered from the issues that hounded iOS 13. Here’s to hoping for an error-free iOS 14.

Images courtesy of Florian Doppler/Pexels, Nana Dua/Pexels

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