The new limited version of ‘Fortnite’ is basically ‘Among Us’

Fortnite has a new limited version that imitates the complete game of Among Us, where spies and agents have fun in the game.

Many spies have infiltrated Fortnite. And it is up to the crewmates right now to find out the players’ hidden identities by picking one after the other.

Does that ring a bell? The premise is similar to the famous multiplayer game, Among Us. Among Us had a breakout success upon release in 2020. The new spy version of Fortnite is called “The Spy Within.”

How is the gameplay?

The new update for Fortnite, Spy Within, starts with only 10 players at first. Among these 10 players, there are two spies and eight agents.

Each player is asked to manage and know about their role when the game starts. Throughout the game in Fortnite, the agents have to work hard with small tasks to complete. After they complete said tasks, agents are gifted with gold coins.

If the Agents start earning all gold coins and complete the tasks, they will win the game. On the other hand, the Spies have to eliminate all the agents before they complete their tasks secretly.

Whenever agents see something suspicious going on, they can call a meeting. During the meeting, everyone can talk through voice chats.

It helps the players to communicate and vote off anyone who seems suspicious, just like Among Us.

So, is this game a plain rip-off?

“The Spy Within” has some interesting timing. Remember the multiplayer of Kane and Lynch 2? Well, hidden identities in games have always been a perfect way to engage the players.

It is hard to ignore the fact that Among Us has grown into a popular game within the gaming community since its launch.

Fortnite’s rip-off copies the same exact format, where spies have to eliminate agents to win the game.

Some critics say and differ that both Spy Within and Among Us share the same format. However, both games have individual points to differ for the players.

The new Fortnite Spy Within game mode is created by community members. The mode is not here to stay for long.

With the help of the new Fortnite’s Spy Within mode, players can earn more coins. It can even help the players earn all the cosmetic rewards, including a weapon wrap for the festive season.

Players who are lucky enough can even win a spy-themed skateboard while playing the game’s new version.


Image courtesy of Im Blanky/YouTube Screenshot

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