The new ‘Mass Effect 4’ game is officially revealed!

Gaming fans got a big surprise at this year’s The Game Awards 2020, in the form of a Mass Effect 4 teaser! A new title is coming soon.

According to Comicbook, the 2020 Game Awards event showcased several new trailers for upcoming “AAA” titles. And the audience was shocked when they witnessed a Mass Effect 4 teaser clip. It’s such big news for die-hard followers of the iconic franchise.

BioWare and EA have surely given an insane Christmas and New Year’s gift to all the Mass Effect lovers. And it’s official now that a new chapter is coming soon in the space-based RPG saga.

“Mass Effect 4” early details

Talking about the teaser clip, there was not much revealed in it. However, one familiar face did make an appearance. And it’s none other than Liara T’ Soni, a constant secondary character in the previous trilogy.

Although the cinematic video kept everything tight, it did provide a hint regarding the protagonist Shepard. Because she/he has been the most crucial part of the entire trilogy in the past.

As per the official announcement by BioWare, Mass Effect 4 is currently in pre-production. That is, it’s still a few years away from its arrival. And no extra news is available yet about the platforms or any expected launch date.

“Another team within BioWare has already begun pre-production on the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe,” said the publisher.

“We’ve got a lot more in store for the Mass Effect universe, and while we’ve got a long runway ahead of us before we’ll be ready to show you more, we hope the teaser set the tone for where we’re headed next. The teaser is full of hints about what we are planning, and we hope you have fun finding them all!”

New video game titles coming in the future

Well, it looks like Mass Effect‘s new installment isn’t the only surprise for gamers in the future. There are quite a lot of new games coming soon. And next year itself will be filled with many anticipated titles.

Hitman 3Far Cry 6Resident Evil Villageand Horizon Forbidden West are some of the most-awaited names. The exciting list also includes Deathloop, Riders Republic, DC’s Gotham KnightsMonster Hunter Rise, and Humankind.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is one of the few games that has already hyped up the fans. Because it’s related to the blockbuster movie franchise and novels, it will also make its way in 2021.

Coming back to Mass Effect 4 will keep all its fandom impatient until the official launch in coming years.


Image courtesy of Mass Effect/YouTube Screenshot

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