The ‘Nintendo Switch Lite’ made a ‘comeback,’ but only in select stores

A yellow-colored 'Nintendo Switch Lite'

After an apparent shortage due to rising demand for ‘at home entertainment’ driven by the pandemic, the Nintendo Switch Lite is making a comeback to shelves, but only in some stores.

As more people are seeing themselves mandatorily cooped up at homes, many consumers have been willingly spending some cash for the Switch Lite. While some of these buyers are merely hoarders who turn a profit through reselling, others are buying especially for personal amusement.

Subsequently, with shortage as indeed an issue, the Nintendo Switch Lite sees price gouging in popular E-commerce sites, like eBay and Amazon. Primarily, caused by individual resellers or the gray market who are trying to profiteer from the crisis.

What once a Nintendo Switch that is purchasable for $300 complete and brand new sees a jacked-up price of $400. A substantial $100 increase from retail pricing.

Nintendo Listening to Consumer Demand

Hearing the lacking supply of the hybrid console in the US market, Nintendo was rather quick to heed the call. Its response to the issue is not necessarily all-encompassing, however, as it can only cater to a few stores. But it promises to bring more supply borne from the soaring demand.

Just about right now, BestBuy has, reportedly, restocked the Switch Lite that comes in colors, Yellow, Turquoise, and Gray. Good color combinations that certainly appeal to specific consumers who have preference over coloring scheme.

GameStop, on the other hand, has a relatively lively stock in its inventory, too. Subsequently, putting up bundle sales with its existing Coral Switch Lite.

Aware buyers, however, will notice the promotional price as nothing more than a gimmick rather than a bargain deal. Still, a perfect combination for consumers who are seeking to play the Switch Lite from the get-go.

The Little Sibling

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the newest entry into the Switch family of devices. Deviating from the original blueprint that is capable of both docked and handheld play, the Lite version is exclusively handheld by design.

But with lesser capability comes a lesser cost for the unit. With a $100 difference from the original, dockable model, the Nintendo Switch Lite is easily making a deal for its $200 price tag.

Meanwhile, on the software side of the Nintendo gaming space, the timely release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons gave it surging sales. It consequently reached top sales for the month of March after its release. Coincidentally, the ongoing pandemic caused the rapid sales for both the Nintendo Switch Lite and the game.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Nintendo Switch News

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