The Nintendo Switch receives another update

It’s common for any software or firmware to receive updates every once in a while. The Nintendo Switch received an update some time ago. Yet, here is another one making it version 10.0.1. Players don’t need to get their hopes up though. This update is a minor one, at best.

A lot of changes got introduced in the 10.0.0 update. It included a much easier data transfer, and a button remap option. Since it is a minor update, the changes are not that noticeable.

Still, this is a good gesture from Nintendo. They aim to please their player base, so they always add features. It doesn’t matter how small their addition is as long as the players like it. As for this update, the Switch received further system improvements. The update promises a more stable playing experience and enhanced gameplay.

Recent and present updates

Well, an update is still an update. It’s designed to provide a smoother gaming experience. So even if it’s small, it still has its advantages.

More exciting features are in store for the console. One of its games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will add a feature that players requested for a long time. The game will feature an art gallery for those players who want to check on their in-game pictures. The upcoming update will add more garden enhancements and six extra icons as well.

Another game, Super Mario Maker 2, also received an update. This time, players can create their very own Mario Campaign. Time for those creative juices to flow!

The same procedure in updating applies here. Players will need to connect to the Internet, and it will download the update. People can also do this. They need to access the update from the console’s System Settings.

Other updated features

  1. Bookmark option

Players can now bookmark their chosen news items. They can bookmark up to 300 news features. Of course, they need to connect to the Internet to view their bookmarks. The thing is that expired news is not viewable even when bookmarked.

  1. Data transfer options

Players can now transfer various content from the console to an SD card. It includes downloaded software, DLC’s, and some update data. Take note that not players could not transfer all update data. The same goes for their game save data.

  1. New Play Activity Setting feature

The “Delete Play Activity’ and Display play activity to” have a new location. Check the Play Activity Settings for these options.

It is a great time to own a Nintendo Switch. A great console to pass the time in this lockdown situation. Acquiring one during this time is a challenge, though. Always check Walmart and Best Buy for new stocks.


Image courtesy of Ricinator/Pixabay, Joatseu/Pixabay

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