‘The Outer Worlds’ reveals new DLC out this September


The Outer Worlds will have its first DLC on its way in a little more than a month. Obsidian’s sci-fi will feature its first downloadable content called Peril on Gorgon.

The Nebula-award winning The Outer Worlds will have Peril on Gorgon in September. The announcement at today’s Xbox Games Showcase was phenomenal. The entire DLC comes with a ton of exciting new content for space western.

Obsidian offers a DLC on a far-off asteroid

OW is one of the better story-focused games out there, taking a lot of its gameplay from Skyrim and Fallout. Obsidian is famous for its dark humor, comedy writing, and quirky dialogue. The tongue in cheek jokes juxtaposes with the hyper-realistic corporate talk.


One of the major issues with the game, so far, is the length of each run. On average, every run in the game talks somewhere between 20 to 30 hours. The entire thing is intended to be a short, sweet game.

Players who want to enjoy the game would also need to replay it. With a ton of dialogue options, players would want to replay with a different character. Even then, it doesn’t help that the game is still super short.

Peril on Gorgon will extend that content with a new experience. Peril received a ton of foreshadowing on the website itself. Before the current update, a message said, “On Gorgon, it’s always… Adrena-Time (made with real xenocyte waste!).”

Gorgon itself is a “world” full of things to do. It has a lot of hostiles that players can kill and also the source of one in-game chem.

Peril on Gorgon shows the source for Adrena-Time

In The Outer Worlds, Gorgon is an asteroid source for Adrena-Time, an in-game consumable. The chem itself increases attack and movement speed but has a drawback. Players will experience a loss of stats through an “Adrena-Time Crash.”

Adrena-Time is a superbly profitable venture for the corporations. From here, players would find that the asteroid is a much-coveted resource. According to Obsidian, the upcoming DLC will add “a substantial amount of content.”

The entire DLC is a “noir-tinged adventure” that will have a ton of events to it. New weapons, locations, armors, perks, flaws, and more will go into Peril on Gorgon. Players expect the content to add a good 10 to 15 hours of gameplay too.

Peril on Gorgon will come out on September 9 for The Outer Worlds for $15. It also comes on a two-part expansion pass for $25. More details for the game will come out, together with the things players can get.

Images courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/Youtube Screenshot

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