‘The Outlast Trials’ new trailer teases a terrifying multiplayer experience

'The Outlast Trials' new trailer teases terrifying multiplayer experience

Red Barrels Games made sure to give The PC Gaming Show audience a fright by debuting a new trailer for their upcoming multiplayer scarefest The Outlast Trials.

It’s no secret that developer and publisher Red Barrel Games enjoys scaring the crap out of people. In fact, they’ve been making a decent living out of it, having released two successful Outlast titles accompanied by a rather interesting comic book series.

But it seems the Canadian video game developer isn’t satisfied with just scaring gamers one at a time. Now they want to scare gamers and their friends simultaneously with their upcoming multiplayer horror experience The Outlast Trials.

Red Barrel announced the next installment of their franchise towards the end of last year, and now they’ve finally given fans a brief look at what’s in store with an unsettling The Outlast Trials teaser trailer.

Red Barrel’s PC Gaming Show appearance

The Montreal-based developer treated fans who tuned in to the Live PC Gaming Show to a minute and a half long cinematic teaser, setting the stage for the next game in the series.

Red Barrels’ video starts off with a group of mad scientists surrounding their unfortunate test subject who’s strapped to a chair. The scientists proceed to fit the poor soul with some sort of video recording googles by securing the device to his head with an electric drill.

The screen then cuts to a chase sequence where the victim is running down a dilapidated hallway as he’s chased by a hulking brute wielding a rather large maul. He then sees a woman test subject atop a wall, extending her hand to help get him over.

As she grabs his hand and begins to pull him up, a knife pieces the woman’s throat loosening her grip and causing the man to fall flat on the ground. As he lays on the floor disoriented, the monstrous figure from earlier catches up and bashes his face in with the large sledgehammer.

The teaser caps off with the message “freedom ends in 2021.”

How The Outlast Trials is related to its predecessors

According to Red Barrels, The Outlast Trials won’t be a direct sequel to the first two entries in the franchise but will occur in the same universe, midway through the Cold War. It is also not to be confused with Outlast 3, which will be another game entirely.

The game will still feature the notorious Murkoff Foundation, who are now using human beings as test subjects for experiments in brainwashing and straight-up mind control.

While the multiplayer co-op component is the highlight of The Outlast Trials, players will still be able to experience the entire game solo. Red Barrels have yet to set a release date so far, only revealing that the horror title will arrive sometime next year.

Image courtesy of Red Barrels Games

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