‘The Penthouse’ defended throne for 6 straight weeks at no. 1: Weekly TV top 10

Korean Drama The Penthouse continues its reign as the most talked drama for the first week of January, as Good Data Corporation revealed.

Along with its intriguing and buzzworthy storyline, the SBS’ The Penthouse blasted to 6th week in number one.

The SBS drama The Penthouse successfully garnered the most attention from its very first episode. And now, it is heading towards the second season.

In the span of the drama’s flourishing run, it seemed that no other shows have exceeded or even matched the stronghold of The Penthouse: War in Life.

Now that most of the viewer’s attention has been focused on when the next season will air, who will star in it, and its whereabouts, currently airing dramas have failed to hold onto the viewers.

This is with the exclusion, of course, of some works like Mr. Queen and The Uncanny Counter. Let’s see if who will take the spot of The Penthouse in the next rankings.

“The Penthouse” keeping the viewers in their lobby

Showing a steep rise in popularity, The Penthouse blasted into 6th week at number one. This week’s percentage is the fourth highest in the history of the rankings.

The first was achieved by Reply 1988 for the second week of January in 2016. Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) took the second for the third week of January in 2017, and for the second week of April in 2016, Descendants of the Sun placed third.

Along with Eugene and Lee Ji Ah’s drama is Mr. Queen maintaining its position at number two. This is despite the ongoing mixed reviews– distortion of history vs. comedy-drama.

Furthermore, the drama, which faced negative opinions over the story told after a week-cancellation, Uncanny Counter, landed at number three.

Conflicting reactions were made by many regarding its story and directing. They point out that some asked if the director and the writer have been replaced so much that it has changed so much.

Moreover, taking the fourth spot is JTBC’s Run On, which constantly well-received for its non-irritating story and main actor’s chemistry.

Simultaneously, tvN’s True Beauty took two steps backward and landed number five after a week-cancellation.

Here are the top 10 popular TV dramas

  • SBS The Penthouse: War in Life (Share of Audience: 50.46) (-)
  • tvN Mr. Queen (Share of Audience: 13.24) (-)
  • OCN The Uncanny Counter (Share of Audience: 9.68) (▲1)
  • JTBC Run On (Share of Audience: 4.86) (▲1)
  • tvN True Beauty (Share of Audience: 3.64) (▽2)
  • KBS A Man in a Veil (Share of Audience: 3.11) (▲2)
  • KBS Homemade Love Story (Share of Audience: 2.86) (▲4)
  • JTBC Live On (Share of Audience: 2.31) (▲2)
  • KBS Royal Secret Agent (Share of Audience: 1.73) (▽2)
  • tvN Awaken (Share of Audience: 1.63) (▲2)

Top 10 cast in dramas

  • Eugene, The Penthouse: War in Life (-)
  • Lee Ji Ah, The Penthouse: War in Life (▲1)
  • Shin Hye Sun, Mr. Queen NEW (▽1)
  • Park Eun Suk, The Penthouse: War in Life (▲6)
  • Kim So Yeon, The Penthouse: War in Life (▽1)
  • Kim Jung Hyun, Mr. Queen (▲2)
  • Uhm Ki Joon, The Penthouse: War in Life (▽2)
  • Jo Byung Gyu, The Uncanny Counter (▲13)
  • Jo Soo Min, The Penthouse: War in Life (-)
  • Shin Se Kyung, Run On (▲6)

Image courtesy of SBS Drama/YouTube Screenshot

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