‘The Politician’ season 2 returns to Netflix but leaves Gwyneth Paltrow behind

The life of Payton Hobart in The Politician will return to Netflix, but its release date is still a mystery.

Just released last year, the series already gained attention to a lot of viewers. The series centered around a wealthy high school student, Payton Hobart. Payton aims to become America’s president in the future. The Politician season 1 unveiled the drama behind American politics.

Showrunner Ryan Murphy confirmed that The Politician season 2 would hit the home screens this year. Murphy added that the production team already completed the filming before the US enforced the lockdown.

“We were lucky enough that we finished filming and editing right before the coronavirus thing happened.”

The Politician season 2 release date

Although fans are now happy with the series’ renewal, there is no confirmation on the date of release. The Politician season 2 will air in June of this year. However, delays in the release are inevitable because of the pandemic.

Fans will continue to see the second installment of the series on Netflix. Currently, Netflix is reopening its productions in several countries.  Unfortunately, Netflix US is still shutdown. Whatever the reason for the delay in the release date, the series will certainly push through.

The Politician season 2 characters

The lead actor, Ben Platt, will certainly reprise his role as Payton. The actor revealed his comeback on his Twitter post. Showrunner Murphy had been silent on who will return for the second season.

However, given their important roles, the rest of the casts are expected to return. Unfortunately, fans will not see Gwyneth Paltrow in the next season. New characters are expected to be added as well in the next season.

The Politician season 2 plot

Showrunner Murphy gave a few hints on how season 2 will unfold. The previous season revealed the battle of Payton Hobart in his run for the presidency.  In the next installment, Payton seems to be running for the senate. Payton will now enroll as a college student and will compete with other characters. It appears that the casts are now all grown up.

There is no clue how will Payton will achieve his goal. However, fans will see more twists in the story. Murphy also added that the current situation would be relatable in the series. The age of social distancing will be part of the story’s plot.

Since there is no release date yet, fans will have to wait until June. However, Murphy hinted that the series would great.

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