‘The Powerpuff Girls’ live-action series on works at The CW

The Powerpuff Girls live-action series on the works at The CW

“The Powerpuff Girls” on The CW will be about the adult versions of the three popular superheroes.

Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls is one of the most iconic and popular shows on the platform. With its popularity, it is not surprising why many people have continued to love the show even if it already ended its course about 15 years ago.

For some others, though, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup has not completed their jobs yet. On The CW, they are working on a live-action series of the three adorable superheroes.

The Powerpuff Girls received a green light

Earlier this week, The CW gave The Powerpuff Girls the green light to move forward with its live-action television series, according to Deadline. The development of the series for the network has just seemingly begun. The names of the staff for the production just came forward, as well.

The publication said that Arrowverse head Greg Berlanti is “ushering” the project, alongside Juno‘s Diablo Cody, Veronica Mars‘ Heather Regnier, Warner Bros. TV, and Berlanti Productions. The original creator of the cartoon, Craig McCraken, has not confirmed yet whether he will join the production.

Based on reports, the new live-action series will not be a “rehash” of the original animated version. Instead, the material for The CW will “follow” the lives of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup as “disillusioned twentysomethings” who “resent” losing their childhood to fighting crimes as superheroes.

The reboot version in 2016

The Powerpuff Girls aired on Cartoon Network from 1998 to 2005. Due to its fame and popularity, it even “spawned” an animated film in 2002, according to Cheat Sheet.

It remains unclear why the network stopped airing the show after 2005. But, the original creator, McCracken, brought everyone back to the city of Townsville with his reboot.

The reboot only had three seasons. Unfortunately, it did not receive the same “scores” as the original version. Reports said that the reboot featured updated animations, voice actors, and plots, which are likely the factors why it did not score well with fans and supporters.

Fans slammed the idea of the live-action series

Netizens have already shared their thoughts about the upcoming live-action series of The Powerpuff Girls. Reports said the general reception has shown a mixed trend as not everyone likes the idea and not everyone hates it, as well.

But, criticisms have become apparent, especially on Deadline‘s comment section of the article containing the details about The Powerpuff Girls live-actions series. As remarked, the upcoming show will likely spoil the childhood-favorite cartoon characters and show.

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