‘The Promised Neverland’ chapter 180 released, anime approaches epic finale

The Promised Neverland will spill more secrets in chapter 180 as the manga nears its highly-anticipated finale.

The Promised Neverland series has become more prominent after Netflix brought it to a wider audience. Since then, the show has gathered more hype and surpassed previously released anime titles from its library. 

However, with the series’ season 2 still up in the air, fans are in for a long wait. In the meantime, The Promised Neverland followers can enjoy the manga’s latest updates. 

The Promised Neverland Chapter 179

The Promised Neverland Chapter 179 was released recently, and the revelations it brought shocked fans. First off, the chapter has finally introduced the human world. The children from Grace Field House consequently woke up in New York.

Unsurprisingly, the human world is certainly free of demons. However, it is different from what Emma and the kids expected. Instead of finding themselves in the year 2015, the kids ended up in 2047. This period was after natural disasters, epidemics, food shortages, and the war that ravaged the world. 

The biggest conflict that the chapter disclosed was Emma’s nonexistence. She has seemingly woken up in a much different location than the rest of the kids. Emma was shown lying on a mysterious beach while someone wearing a pair of boots approached her. 

Chapter 180 storyline

Doubtlessly, the forthcoming manga installment will pick up where the latest chapter left off. It will likely unveil where Emma landed and why she was separated from the other Grace Field children. Moreover, the identity of the person who approached her will also be disclosed.

Nevertheless, opposing what Mike from the Ratri Clan said, there might be rival factions that emerged. Hence, it is possible for Emma’s rescuer to belong to a faction that opposes the Ratri Clan.

The previous chapters revealed just a little information about the Ratri Clan. Thus, the next installment will likely expose more secrets about the group. Furthermore, chapter 180 will also uncover what the clan plans to do with the children from the demon world.

Series to end with chapter 181?

Over the past few months, the show has teased its final climax. Now, it has been revealed that the finale is closing in. It appears that the time has come for Emma and the kids to bid farewell to their readers. 

Weekly Shonen Jump took to Twitter to reveal that The Promised Neverland will end with chapter 181. The tweet stated:

“The Promised Neverland will end next week with Chapter 181. Volume 19 of the series is scheduled to release in July, and its final Volume 20 will be announced in the future.”

Despite the details that were relayed, everything remains to be seen since the show has not released any confirmation yet. The Promised Neverland Chapter 180 is set for release on June 7.

Image Courtesy of Lindea/YouTube Screenshot

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