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‘The Promised Neverland’ manga ends; Emma’s heartbreaking sacrifice revealed


The Promised Neverland will end with chapter 181 next week. The previous installment revealed Emma’s sacrifice and promise.

The Promised Neverland has teased its final climax over the past few months. When the show announced that it will officially end next week, it did not come as a surprise for avid followers.

Reportedly, the finale is set to come with the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. It will contain 27 pages and some parts will be colored as well. With its end closing in, big reveals are expected to come out in the latest chapters.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 179

The Promised Neverland Chapter 179 has introduced Grace Field House kids to the human world. The children were already freed from the farm, where they were raised as demons’ foods.

Even though the new world was free of demons, it was not like what Emma and the other orphans expected. They discovered that natural disasters, epidemics, food shortages, and a full war ravaged the world.

However, this was not the biggest shock in this chapter. The kids were dumbfounded after they realized that Emma was not with them. Emma has seemingly woken up in a much different location. In the last part of chapter 179, she was shown lying on a mysterious beach while someone wearing a pair of boots approached her.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 180

Nevertheless, chapter 179 of The Promised Neverland was not the only installment filled with surprises. In the 180th chapter of the manga, the consequence of Emma’s new promise with the demon world was disclosed.

Emma previously told the other children that their sufferings were the only admission to the human world. However, she lied to them about what she had to give up to craft the new promise. The demon took Emma’s loving memories of her family as a form of payment.

Furthermore, the creature told her that she’ll never see them again. Since Emma ultimately cares for the other kids, she agrees with no hesitation. Consequently, she is sent to a cold and far-off place away from the others, as shown in the preceding chapter.

What to expect in the finale

In the human world, the other kids are still searching for Emma. Even though Emma might not have her memories, she’s still got an emotional resonance from her family left. Thus, fans are extremely hopeful that the other kids will reunite with Emma.

However, since the series is always full of surprises, it remains uncertain whether the creators will grace devotees with a happy ending or not. Followers of The Promised Neverland will have all their questions answered after the penultimate chapter’s release on June 14.

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