‘The Promised Neverland’ reveals human world but Emma is nowhere in sight

The Promised Neverland Chapter 179 has finally introduced the human world. However, Emma appears to be isolated from the other kids. 

Series Overview

The Promised Neverland centers on Emma, an 11-year old girl living in Grace Field House together with 37 other orphans. However, everything changed after Emma discovered the truth of their existence in this idyllic orphanage. 

Apparently, they were just humanely raised to be butchered and sold eventually as meat to demons. With this at hand, Emma devised a plan to escape together with her best friends. Furthermore, she promised the children to rescue them.

Chapter 179 teases the human world

After a long journey, the latest chapter of The Promised Neverland’s manga officially introduced the human world. At this moment, Emma and the kids were already freed from the farm, where they were raised to be eaten by demons. Consequently, the children from Grace Field House woke up on a mysterious beach. 

Unsurprisingly, the human world is certainly free of demons. However, the kids were shocked by Emma’s nonexistence. She has seemingly woken up in a much different location than the rest of them. Moreover, it is uncertain whether she made it to the human world or not.

Along with this ambiguity, it was revealed that the human world is different from what Emma and the kids expected. Instead of finding themselves in the year 2015, the kids ended up in 2047. This period was after natural disasters, epidemics, food shortages, and a full war ravaged the world.

Previous chapter features Isabela’s sacrifice for the kids

Emma and the kids’ journey on the way to the human world was not easy. In the previous chapter, heart-wrenching news was revealed. The children have witnessed Isabella completely bleeding out and bidding a tearful farewell. This was after an attack meant for Emma pierced her.

Like the children, Isabella had been subject to the horrible system of the orphanage. However, she later makes up for her mistakes and proved a key figure in helping Emma and the other kids to victory. Hence, it was heartbreaking for the fans to witness Isabella’s death.

The Promised Neverland previously teased its final climax

Nevertheless, the human world revelation was not a surprise for The Promised Neverland devotees. Over the past few months, the show has teased its final climax. Furthermore, Weekly Shonen Jump has shared that the series will be getting a special color page for its upcoming penultimate chapter. The organization mentioned in its official Twitter account,

“The Promised Neverland will receive the Cover & Lead Color Page  for Issue #26 as it reaches its climax.”

This announcement could mean anything, however, it might hint at what’s in store for Emma and the kids after they arrived in the human world. Moreover, it confirms the manga’s imminent ending considering that there doesn’t seem to be much more room to explore.

Image Courtesy of ViniiTube/Youtube Screenshot


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