The PS5 will block game spoilers with this new feature

The PS5 will block game spoilers with this new feature

Playstation fans won’t ever have to worry about game spoilers ever again when Sony releases the PS5 thanks to this new feature.

Sony doesn’t want any room for spoilers when the PS5 arrives. RespawnFirst recently discovered a patent filed by Sony for a software that would prevent players from being spoiled while playing.

Players always find it difficult to start a new game without getting spoiled. Usually, when a game launches, most players would immediately take to the Internet to share spoilers. There’s no doubt that some spoilers are helpful. But they also take away the excitement from players wanting to start fresh.

Sony’s cross-platform spoiler block service

Sony stands with those who are against spoilers. That is why they will be bringing in a new feature that will do just that. The company filed a patent dated 2018 on the United States Patent and Trademark Office outlining plans for a “cross-platform spoiler block service.”

The patent is riddled with technical jargon, but the gist of it is that the service will prevent players from viewing content that could potentially spoil a game they are still playing.

Specific Blocking

The patent itself implies that the service won’t just block potential spoilers for a game a player is yet to complete. It will also block content from game sections that a player has not explored.

“The technology disclosed herein can allow players to engage with friends and the community around narrative games with the confidence that they will not accidentally see spoilers (which can include an activity, character, item, outcome of activity, action, effect, location, and attribute of character or item),” the patent reads.

How it works

The service won’t just make spoilers magically disappear. Game developers will play a large role in making this happen. The developers will mark specific content or objects as “hidden” until players are able to find them themselves.

This would no doubt give additional work to the developers, which could prolong game development. But players of narrative-based games would definitely appreciate such a feature.

Is it PS5 exclusive?

The patent does not specify whether the service would be for the PS5 only. However, since the service is called “cross-platform,” it is likely that it will also be available to the PS4.

Furthermore, the service would only be able to block spoilers from the Playstation platform. Players would still be able to see spoilers from the rest of the Internet. Good luck with that.


Image courtesy of JESHOOTS.COM/Unsplash

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