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‘The Punisher’ with Jon Bernthal might get a revival on Hulu or FX


The Punisher is reportedly coming back on the small screen, and talks are growing loud that Marvel Studios is keen on letting Jon Bernthal reprise his role as the iconic superhero.

The series, however, won’t likely be streamed on Disney+, Marvel’s parent company, because it’s too violent for the platform. Instead, The Punisher will likely get another life via FX or Hulu.

The rumor of the show’s return has reportedly been going around in a Facebook group. Mikey Sutton from Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture said that Disney+ has no plans to absorb the series following its cancellation on Netflix.

However, Sutton also said that there’s a lot of chatter about putting the show back in a platform where there will be little censorship, which will allow the series to stay true to its comic book roots.

The revival will not follow the story on Netflix

Sutton also revealed that there will be changes to the storyline if The Punisher is revived. While Bernthal will still be the main guy, his character’s story will be slightly different, and it could be explained via a multiverse.

The source is specifically referring to the ’80s comic book, Punisher War Journal, as the potential story for the revival series. This will also reportedly open the possibility for Charlie Cox to reprise his role as Daredevil and for Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury to show up at some point in the series.

“Marvel Studios would like other adult-oriented heroes,” Sutton further said.

Jon Bernthal didn’t close his doors

Marvel might not have a hard time convincing Bernthal to play Frank Castle/The Punisher again. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor said that his Marvel character is “100 percent in my bones and in my heart.”

Bernthal acknowledged that his character resonated with a lot of fans, not just form the comic book community, and that’s the reason why he is protective of the identity and the project. He also sparked hopes of returning when he said that he doesn’t have any desire to move on from his vigilante character.

But Bernthal has a new TV show on Showtime, which will likely take up his schedule. The actor has been cast in the revival of American Gigolo, and this is his first starring role on TV since The Punisher wrapped up.

Why Netflix killed The Punisher

In 2019, Netflix canceled The Punisher after two seasons, along with other Marvel TV shows like Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and The Defenders. The streaming platform ended its deal with Marvel after its parent company announced a competing platform, Disney+.

Reports stated that Marvel/Disney can’t touch the TV shows two years after the cancellation per its contract agreement with Netflix. Thus, if The Punisher is revived, fans might not be able to see any updates until 2021 or 2022.

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