‘The Queen’s Gambit’ makes viewership history for Netflix!

Netflix just witnessed something big with its limited series, The Queen’s Gambit. It has broken viewership records in more than 60 countries!

According to Hollywood Reporter, the seven-episode drama, The Queen’s Gambit, hit the number one spot in more than 60 countries. With this, it has become the most viewed limited series ever for Netflix.

The streamer officially revealed that nearly 62 million active subscribers watched the show in the first four weeks of its launch. Netflix’s criteria for calculating the views by its users consider at least around two minutes watched, of any show or a movie, on the service.

The Queen’s Gambit, a worldwide phenomenon!

“I am both delighted and dazed by the response. It’s just all way beyond what any of us could have imagined,” said showrunner of the show Scott Frank. He’s also a co-creator of this title. Moreover, he also thanked the entire cast and producers involved in the mini-series.

“But speaking for my fellow producers and the entire cast and crew of the show, every one of whom made me look better than I actually am, we are most grateful that so many took the time to watch our show. And we all look forward to bringing you our Yahtzee limited series next.”

Meanwhile, The Queen’s Gambit also made the streaming platform’s top ten list in more than 90 countries since its release!

Talking of the show itself tells the story of a chess prodigy Beth Harmon, played by actress Anya Taylor-Joy. She goes through a lot of obstacles like addiction and emotional problems in her life. Eventually, she becomes the best in her field.

Netflix reaching a wider audience with the show

There’s no actual reason how and when the drama became a big thing in the last few days. But it’s really unbelievable to see such a massive response from people across the globe. Thanks to the show, recently the sales in physical chess boards have also seen a huge demand. After watching the limited series, many users have bought chess boards. It’s another weird but positive thing, especially for the not-so-popular indoor game these days. The Netflix series has surely helped it to make a shocking and unexpected comeback.

Vice president original series, at the platform, Friedlander has revealed that now they want to push The Queen’s Gambit for many awards. Apart from Anya Taylor-Joy, the rest of the cast members, screenwriter and co-creator Scott Frank, and the entire crew has done a mesmerizing job, according to him.


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