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‘The Queen’s Gambit’ season 2 might be announced soon!


There’s good news for the fans of The Queen’s Gambit. The blockbuster Netflix series might arrive with a season 2 very soon.

According to Gamesradar, hit Netflix series of 2020, The Queen’s Gambit may arrive soon with a season 2. The Anya Taylor-Joy show made history last October upon its release on the streamer. The possibility of a second season comes out from none other than actress Anya herself. She recently spoke to Deadline and discussed the now-iconic TV series.

“The Queen’s Gambit season 2”: What to expect?

In a recent interaction with Deadline, Anya Taylor-Joy mentioned that there might be a season 2 in the future. She didn’t directly confirm it, though.

“It’s so surreal and very wonderful that people want a second season because we never thought about it; there was no discussion about it,” she said.

“That said, never say ‘never’ in Hollywood.”

Given how immensely popular The Queen’s Gambit turned out to be, it looks like a probability for sure. Apart from taking over the following season, she also expressed her thoughts on Beth Harmon. It’s her character from Netflix’s chess-based drama.

She said that it would be interesting to see Beth Herman as a mother. Because now she will be a better version of her past self, that is, being “sober and more cognizant.”

The Queen’s Gambit was a massive hit for streaming service Netflix in 2020. It even defeated the biggest Disney Plus Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, in global viewership. That’s impressive since it launched in the form of a limited series. However, the makers may give a second thought to it and start on the title’s next journey. In a way, it has the potential to become a brilliant, extended franchise.

Upcoming Netflix titles

Meanwhile, the streamer of some of the biggest movies and shows is currently preparing to have another huge year. Just like 2020, it will try to give out mostly great projects. Yes, there have been many failures as well, but that’s quite obvious to happen. Netflix keeps releasing so much content that it becomes hard to maintain quality and engagement every time.

Still, it’s regarded as one of the best OTT platforms for a vast collection of varied titles with different genres. In 2021, fans are looking forward to some of its most awaited shows. And the fourth season of Stranger Things is, no doubt, one of them. Since its third installment release in 2019, die-hard lovers of the 80s horror-teenage drama have waited for it. It’s been more than a year now!

Coming back to The Queen’s Gambit, then at the moment, there’s no official word from the streamer over a second season.

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