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‘The Rain’ season 3 swings by on Netflix for its highly-anticipated finale


The Danish post-apocalyptic series The Rain is renewed by Netflix for a third season. Unfortunately, the upcoming season will also be the show’s last.

Netflix series The Rain effectively straddled the media realm with respectable ratings, loyal followers and solid critical acclaim. Although the series has been an underdog, audiences that have been able to follow the story will certainly consider it as exceptional. Unfortunately, Netflix came in bringing some bad news about the show.

Netflix renews The Rain

Netflix announced in a tweet that the Danish web series The Rain will return for a third and final season. The news came after the network gave a dramatic end to the show’s second instalment. Netflix shared in a tweet,

“#TheRain has been renewed for a third and final season.”

Furthermore, the renewal for season three was confirmed on the official Facebook account of the show via a status which read,

“Survival Squad: We’ll see you in 2020 for a third and final season.”

Some have referred to this tactic as Netflix canceling a show. However, for fans, this is better as it allows the creators to adequately wrap up a show rather than leaving it open and unfinished.

The Rain season 3: plot

Season two dealt with the struggles Rasmus went through, including the emotions and terror that sparked the illness inside him. The season finished in a dramatic fashion as Rasmus was captured by Apollon, the company that kicked off the rain apocalypse.

The forthcoming season will likely focus on how Rasmus’ allies plan to rescue him, and what Apollon wants with him.  Nonetheless, the previous season’s cast, Sten revealed that they never wanted to cure Rasmus. The cast stated,

“We can adapt to the virus, make it part of us. We won’t cure him, we’ll cure us.”

Hence, it is likely that the group will exploit Rasmus, in order to cure themselves from the virus. The next instalment will also feature the reaction of Rasmus after knowing that her sister, Simone has tried to kill him. Moreover, the fact that Sarah has also become a victim of the virus needs to be resolved.

On top of that, the uncleared cliffhangers, as well as the other loose ends, are expected to close in the upcoming season of the series.

Cast, release date and trailer

The return of the main characters, Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen) and Simone (Alba August), is anticipated in season three. Other returning cast members are expected to include several survivors from season one. This includes Martin (Mikkel Følsgaard), Patrick (Lukas Løkken), Jean (Sonny Lindberg) and Sten (Johannes Bah Kuhnke).

Netflix’s previous announcement confirmed that the show will premiere on 2020. However, given the current pandemic, the show’s release is likely to be delayed just like other titles. Netflix has not also released a trailer for The Rain’s third run.

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