The role of the axe in ‘Resident Evil 7’ game


Let us talk about the ax which lays in the ‘Resident Evil 7’.

In Resident Evil 7, the ax is a melee weapon used primarily to cripple zombies and slow them down. There are also some circumstances where it can be used to grab objects from a distance.

We will see how it’s different from other weapons, complete with several animations and videos that show us what the ax can do for players!

The Axe: A Melee Weapon or a Utility Tool?

The most basic way an ax can be useful is as a close-range weapon against zombies. It has been shown to have great power with its momentum behind it as it swings up toward its head or chest cavity.

However, this is not its primary purpose since it will take a long time to kill a zombie this way. Depending on their health, it might have even resulted in your death – especially if you miss the first time!

Instead of being used as a standalone melee weapon against zombies, its primary purpose is as a tool to slow zombies down and trap them in place. While it can do so effectively, it cannot decapitate or dismember them.

Can it be used to knock down the swamp monsters?

The ax can knock down zombies even if they are not wielding it. To demonstrate this, I’ve attached the ax to the hammer in this video. This effectively slows down your movement while holding the hammer greatly increases your health points (HP). Since players stopped getting the ax out of the barrel, they did this for entertainment purposes only.

It seems that you cannot both utilize and hold the ax simultaneously while playing the Resident Evil 7 game! This is a very important point to note – especially if you’re going to use it as a melee weapon – since it can also slow down your movements if you’re not careful.

This might result from a bug with the ax, or it might be with another unknown item in your inventory. Still, this is an interesting comparison since the hammer only weighs three pounds while the ax weighs five pounds.

How to get the ax in the game?

The ax is a relatively rare weapon in Resident Evil 7. To get it, you have to follow a somewhat complicated sequence of events. For one, you have to solve a puzzle near the end of the game and fight some enemies. Here’s what you need to do:

Get the Chemical (Orange) Keycard from the Guard Room in front of the Private Residence. Remember that you will need eight pieces of Molded Flesh to enter this room. When you get there, look on your left and inside some drawers for some ammo and Herbs (mixing them up if necessary).


Image courtesy of Somewhat Awesome Games/YouTube

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