‘The Rookie’ season 3: Is Lucy and Tim romance going to happen?

'The Rookie' season 3: Is a Lucy and Tim romance going to happen?

The Rookie may currently be on a hiatus after just recently ending season 2, but updates on its successor continue to surface. And the biggest question is whether a new romance is brewing.

The Rookie has been renewed for season 3. Now fans are wondering if it’s going to bring a Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) and Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) romance.

This has been the question for the two characters. Many ship the dynamics of the two. And they are hoping that maybe there’s something between beyond their professional relationship.

It’s quite understandable, though, since Tim does care for Lucy and feels a sense of responsibility towards her.

Tim has been showing a tough exterior as a Training Officer, making sure to shape Lucy into the best officer she can be. But after Lucy’s very close brush with death, Tim has been different.

He has been more nurturing, even bringing a specific take-out food that Lucy loves in the hospital.

No workplace romance

According to TV Line, showrunner Alexi Hawley admits a growing “intimacy” between the TO and the rookie. But fans shouldn’t put their hopes up too high.

Hawley told the digital news outlet that the actors “definitely brought it.” He said that both are just “so good individually and together.”

There was the magic of chemistry between them that happened, but Hawley believes that it won’t be enough of a reason to make a workplace romance happen.

“We do walk a line — me maybe more than some of the staff —  about how there’s an intimacy between them that’s born from an incredibly heightened experience over these last two seasons,” Hawley noted.

“But Tim would never cross that line. She’s his rookie and he would never even consider crossing that line.”

Hawley also said that he is aware of the fandom that has been created in support of the two. He appreciates the passion for the show, but a Lucy-Tim romance will only make the series’ writing staff hypocrites.

Sticking to the plan

Fans must remember the season 1 plot wherein Lucy had a secret romance with fellow rookie John Nolan (Nathan Fillion).

The series is sticking to what they have done in the first place when it comes to female officers sleeping with cops.

“We’d be hypocrites [to write a Lucy/Tim romance] because we made it very clear in those first four or five episodes that female officers unfairly get tagged if they sleep with cops, and it’s why Nolan and Lucy couldn’t be together — and ultimately I think that was the right move,” Hawley explained.

A lot of drama is going to take place in The Rookie season 3, but ABC has not announced a premiere date. Fans will have to stay tuned to get updates.

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