‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Season 5 Episode 23: Can Sins, Elizabeth save Arthur from Cath?

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 23

The war between the humans and the Demon Race will soon come to an end. As The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 23 is about to come, it is about to continue the fight fans are all waiting to see.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode will feature the battle against Cath. After the Seven Deadly Sins themselves learn of the news about Merlin, what are they going to do next?

Episode 23 Spoilers, Theories and More

The Sins and Elizabeth may help Arthur and Merlin as they face Cath in the next installment.

However, to defeat the enemy, Arthur may absorb the creature into himself.

Merlin took the Sins to the lake, where they faced the Demon King. Meliodas then received the biggest surprise of his life when he learned about the “Chaos,” Otaku Kart News noted.

Meliodas then realized something happened 3,000 years ago, but he couldn’t remember anything.

Merlin then used the lake’s magic to wake up Arthur as the Lord of Chaos. Her past purpose then got revealed and the Sins learned of the secret feeling Merlin had for Meliodas.

The group also discovered Melin tried to revive Chaos 3,000 years ago. After his revival, the Lord of Chaos was surprised by what happened.

What happens from here can be seen in The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 23.

Episode 22 Recap

In The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 22, the Lady of Lake revealed Merlin ordered the Coffin of Eternal Darkness’ creation. Why?

So that it could be used to seal the Demon King and Supreme Deity inside it, per The Cinemaholic.

Merlin also cast the coffin late, so the Demon King could have enough time to control Melioda’s body. She knew it wasn’t enough that the two were only sealed.

She had to make sure one of them would die so that she could release Chaos.

Merlin knew Meliodas and the Sins were the only ones who could defeat the Demon King. So to make sure the protagonist wouldn’t lose his focus, she brought back Elizabeth’s curse.

These unbelievable turns of events made Meliodas angry. He now wanted to get some answers from Merlin on why she did what she did.

However, the Lady of the Lake just said the Mother Hawk was Chaos itself and it was now inside Arthur’s body.

After Arthur killed the monster with reincarnated Excalibur, Merlin asked all her comrades to return to Liones.

She stayed with Arthur while Cath came back to swallow the Camelot ruler.

Would Arthur survive? Find out when The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 23 drops on Wednesday, June 16.

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